Taxes for private practices in healthcare seem to get more complicated every year. What can be even more frustrating than the maze of tax rules is how many of them change every year. Being both expert and current in tax planning and preparation is a full time job. Outsourcing to a firm with experience and resources in tax for private practices in healthcare is a must.

Tax Services For Healthcare Professionals  At PBM

At PBM our healthcare tax clients receive these services:

  • TaxTax planning – help you keep more money in your own pocket during the year instead of getting a big refund next year. It’s your money! No need to lend it to the government interest free. We look at everything from payroll deductions, timing of investments and expenses, types of investments, estate planning, charitable giving, and many other areas.
  • Tax problems – IRS problems can be painful. We pride ourselves on an excellent track record of IRS compliance with our clients. When we bring on a new client who is having IRS problems we attack it in an effective, affordable, and discrete way. Tax problems we’ve dealt with include back taxes owed, payroll tax problems, catching up on prior years’ filings, tax liens, tax levies on bank accounts or other assets, wage garnishments, seizing personal property, and other problems.
  • Tax solutions – when our clients have a tax problem we work hard with the IRS to get our clients more time to settle for smaller penalties, reduce the tax they owe, buy them more time to pay, and even get out of tax debts incurred by a spouse.

What If Your Books Are A Mess?

Many clients we start with have books that “need some help.” We’ll organize your bookkeeping for the year and prepare the appropriate tax filings. Then we’ll help you move onto one of our bookkeeping plans so your books will stay up to date going forward.

As tax advisors to doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, our clients choose PBM because:

  • We’ve advised thousands of private practices in healthcare since we started in 1932
  • We meet proactively with clients during the year, not just at tax time. We review financials, tax opportunities, and other pressing business issues.
  • We build proactive communications into our rate, so clients call with questions and ideas instead of worrying how much it’s going to cost

Bringing Our Full Services To Clients

We also offer accounting, practice management, payroll, financial planning, and retirement plans to our clients. All practices need many or all of these services to make sure they’re generating the most income for their practice and themselves. Many of these services are intertwined. Our clients who add on these services find it easier to manage their practice finances because it’s all under one roof.