Are you passionate about healthcare? Do you like it when your clients’ businesses do good things for other people? Do you like specializing in an industry so you can become an expert in it?

Our clients are doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers who own their own practices. They’re great at treating us as patients, but they didn’t get any business training in school. They need help running the business side of their practice as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s where we come in. We offer practice management, accounting, tax, payroll, retirement planning, and financial planning to our clients.

Healthcare is one of the largest sectors of the economy. It’s here to stay. Healthcare also gives us plenty to keep up with – new practice models, changing payment models, growing sites of care, and new laws and regulations, to name a few. If joining a stable industry that changes rapidly is interesting to you, use the link below and tell us you’d like to talk about career opportunities. We’ll contact you soon thereafter.

Why Come To Work At PBM?

Every company tells you why they think they’re great. We didn’t want to do that, so we asked our employees why they joined PBM and why they stay. Here’s what they said.

Why Did You Join PBM?

When interviewing, I found the owners to be intelligent, have reasonable expectations and they were personable.  I was attracted to the fact that PBM is a specialized firm for healthcare and I could apply knowledge and dig into one main industry rather than trying to be the best at many different industries which was a challenge in my prior accounting roles. 

     –Deanna Paragas, with PBM for 6 years

I joined PBM as I wanted to work for a smaller company. Things get done quickly as opposed to taking a long time. 

     –Donna Perlino, with PBM for 6 years

Why Do You Stay at PBM?

PBM’s culture really supports work-home balance, which is invaluable. I love that I can work from home when needed. The benefits are good, compensation is competitive, and we get a good amount of paid time off/paid holidays. Most of all, my co-workers are wonderful. The great thing about a small firm is that you really get to know the people you work with. I highly value the relationships I have built at PBM, and the combined knowledge of everyone here has been a huge asset in my journey to becoming a CPA.

     –Kelsey Millard, with PBM for 3 years

All the employees work together and get along.  The owners continue to take steps to ask questions, involve employees in decisions and listen to feedback.  The clients respect us as employees.  All the employees meet together once a week for a short meeting where anyone can add an agenda item to discuss with the group and this is valuable to pass along necessary information which saves us time and effort rather than each struggling on our own to figure things out.  There are not unnecessary meetings.

     –Deanna Paragas, with PBM for 6 years

I love the work and all of the bosses and co-workers are wonderful, friendly, caring and helpful people.  There’s always something new going on, it’s fast-paced and I never get bored.  It’s a great place to work!

     –Vicki Holtrop, with PBM for 7 years

I like the job I’m doing and the people I’m working with at PBM.

     –Kelley Van Hecke, with PBM for 8 years

PBM provides a flexible work environment and everyone is so helpful.

     –Donna Perlino, with PBM for 6 years

I like the variety of work, the opportunity to keep learning & developing, & working with clients directly.

     –Elisabeth Woodbridge, with PBM for 20 years