Small business owners who do their own payroll spend an average of 8 hours a month doing it. That’s about 12 full days a year, or half of a month that could be spent growing the practice or spending more time outside of the practice. Healthcare practices sometimes worry about the cost of outsourcing their payroll. Some of our clients felt the same way when we met them. All are glad they outsourced.

Payroll Services at PBM

We offer 2 customized options to outsource your payroll.

  • Comprehensive – for clients who want us to handle all payroll tasks
  • Online processing – for clients who want to enter their employees’ hours and process payroll themselves.
Comprehensive Online Processing
PBM processes your payroll
Paychecks processed for direct deposit
Free direct deposits
Free IRS and state reporting, including EFTPS tax reports
Monthly, quarterly, annual payroll tax reports, including W-2, W-3, 1099 forms
Reports on employee sick, vacation, and personal day accruals
Create and file new hire reports
Payroll records meticulously maintained

Fees vary for each client depending on the client’s size, scope, and needs. We’ll need to know more about your situation to give you an accurate quote. 

Customized Payroll Reporting

In addition to the reporting in each of our healthcare payroll packages, we can also run custom reports on numerous topics including worker’s comp, unemployment, Social Security, child support, W-2 and W-3 processing, 1099 and 1096 processing, and others, We also prepare and assist with Federal and State registration forms.

Bringing Our Full Services To Clients

We also offer accounting, tax, practice management, financial planning, and retirement plans to our clients. All practices need many or all of these services to make sure they’re generating the most income for their practice and themselves. Our clients who add on these services find it easier to manage their practice finances because it’s all under one roof.

As advisors for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers, clients choose PBM because:

  • We’ve worked with thousands of clients since we started in 1932
  • We meet proactively with clients during the year, not just at tax time. We review financials and other pressing business issues.
  • We build proactive communications into our rate, so clients call with questions and ideas instead of worrying how much it’s going to cost